B2QScan / B1 Features

  Technician Professional Enterprise
$15/month (+$2/user)
  30 Day FREE Trial  
Standard and custom algorithms for Wet, MF, AGM
Smart VIN Scan (Make, Model, Year)
Smart UPC Scan (batt model, brand, specs)
Store unlimited test records, battery records, vehicle records
Edit test records
Unlimited cloud backup and recovery of all test, battery and vehicle records
Unlimited, automatic app / algorithm updates
Available in multiple languages
Print test records
Email test records
Automatic sync of test records among all company users
Smart VIN Scan Advisor (batteryspecifications, location, service guide and notices)
Search all records
Automatic notification of prior test records by VIN

Battery Management Portal (Web browser interface)

  Technician Professional Enterprise
Email / Account validation
Profile management
-Update registered user contact details
-Manage payment methods
-Subscription manager
-Password reset
-Join company
Tests, Batteries, Vehicles viewer
-View recent test records, vehicles, and batteries
-Search, filter all test records in Company domain
-Ad hoc filters for quick reporting
Consolidated access to test records of all users connected to company account
-Search, sort, filter: tests, batteries, vehicles, techs, outcomes, by date
-View Summary Test Reports
-View Detailed Test Reports
-Edit test reports
-Print test reports
-Email test reports
Company / Enterprise management
-Create company
-Edit company details
-Join/ manage multiple users to Company account (max 10 @ $2/user)
-Join / manage multiple users to Company account (unlimited, no user fee)
-Create Enterprise
-Edit enterprise details
-Manage affiliate location membership, (add and remove locations)

Reporting Features

  Technician Professional Enterprise
Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Ad-Hoc Enterprise reports (Activity, Outcomes) by Company / Location
Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Ad-Hoc Company reports (Activity, Outcomes) by User / Technician

Payment Methods

  Technician Professional Enterprise
On-line by credit card
By invoice to enterprise


  Technician Professional Enterprise
$15/month (+$2/user)

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